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We have a hands on approach and meet face to face to discuss our clients needs and offer real-time business intelligence . Our team can perform needs and diagnostic analysis to probe client requirements and to provide optimal solutions customized to our clients needs.

Guia Engineering•s core business is manufacturing a full range of precision machined components, on the latest CNC machines. We have a total of 14 CNC machines which include CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, Millturn•s and CNC drilling. With this range of equipment, we are well equipped to handle small and large batches of precision machined parts. Continual innovation has insured that our parts are delivered on time, within quality specifications and within budget.

Guia Engineering also has numerous conventional manual machines of varying capacities to meet our clients jobbing needs. Parts are either repaired, or new components are manufactured for clients. We also offer very accurate surface grinding.

We machine practically ALL materials and have a vast experience with harder tool steels. We work with the following materials: aluminium, stainless steel, cast steel, alu bronze, to hard to machine materials such as Bennox, we machine them all. Our products are used underground, surface mining, FMCG, pharmaceutical, electrical, pumps and packaging industries. >>see more

Precision Manual Machining
CNC Turning, Milling, Drilling
Precision Grinding
Breakdown Service for urgent parts
1-100 000 Part capacity
Light Fabrication
Replacement Parts

Guia Engineering has a rigorous inspection department that adheres to our ISO 9001:2008 Certification where our measure equipment is calibrated to insure continuous quality.

Quality Assurance
Guia Engineering is proud of our ISO 9001:2008 Certification in compliance with the following criteria:

• Customer focus
• Leadership
• People involvement
• Process approach
• System approach to management
• Continual improvement
• Factual approach to decision making
• Mutually beneficial supplier-customer relationship.

Our quality management has been built up systematically over many years, and comprises of every aspect of our business. We have an unrelenting quest for excellence and continual improvement philosophy.
Our quality management is fully recorded in our quality manual and directs the activities of every operation on our workplace.

Our good service is your good business!

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